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the barn project

The Farm is a labor of love. It's not only our home, it's where my rescued animals live and receive the care needed to recover from past abuse and trauma. This farm is their sanctuary and I strive to make it a safe and healthy environment for them to heal and thrive.


Within a month of loving to The Farm in 2009, the Atlanta area experienced unprecedented rain and flooding. A large part of my property was literally 4-8 feet under water causing damage or loss to the barn, hay, feed, tack, equipment, etc. Thankfully, my animals escaped with only minor injuries and our home had only moderate flooding in the basement. 


It's now 2019 and it has been a long haul in the repair and rebuilding process, but thanks to so many of you, we are almost there. The property has been regraded, hay replaced, new fencing and water lines put in, etc. The last stage is to finish the grading/landscaping and driveway around the barn, reseed pastures, and clean up the drainage issues remaining from the flood and flooding afterward.

What a relief it will be to know my animals are safe and dry. Until then, though, please help us and pray for quick completion, dry weather, healthy animals, and the remainder of the money needed to break even on this hugely important project.

The 2009 Flood

In 2009, the Atlanta area experienced epic rain fall and devastating flooding and loss through out several counties. After several days of continuous downpours, the creek adjacent to my property began creep into the edges of my 8-acre farm; and the run-off from nearby neighborhoods became a rushing river over the road in front of our property causing my pastures to fill with water. At first, I kept my horses in their stalls, but when the water approached the barn, I feared they'd get trapped and drown, so I put them in a pasture trying to at least keep them free to move while I figured out what to do. During the night, I stood watch with a flashlight feeling helpless as my property became a powerful current of river...with my horses out there somewhere in the middle of it. I feared for their lives. I had to do something fast. It was pitch black except for lightening flashes and I waded out into the water and began swimming. I remember thinking, is this even real? Am I really doing this????? This is crazy! Finally I saw Handsome, the leader of my herd and called to him! I reached out and wrapped my arms around his neck and said, Ok, let's go in, praying he'd trust me. With out a hesitation, he began moving through the water, carrying me, with the herd following. We somehow navigated back to the barn--now filled with a river as high as their backs. I got them in their stalls, opened all the barn doors, and let the water rage through unimpeded.

I thought, Holy shit, what now?

The Farm at Sunrise
The Original Barn
Inside the Barn
Looking through Barn Aisle
Receding Flood Water 2009
Flood Water in Barn Aisle 2009
Receding Flood Water on Property 200
Me in Tree (for tree removal) 2016
New Grading for Barn site 2016
New Barn Site 2016
Taking apart Old Barn 2016
Posts in for New Barn 2016
New Barn Trusses 2016
New Barn Trusses/Framing
Roof on New Barn
New Framed/Wrapped 2016
Horse Scroll Below
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