The programs and activities at The Farm revolve around the following two goals: To provide rescue and sanctuary to hurting or unwanted horses and animals; And to create support and awareness for animal welfare organizations through community outreach. 


Rescue & Rehab


One part of my organization is to provide rescue and sanctuary to horses in need, rehab, retraining, and if possible a new home. Sometimes they arrive at The Farm near death and sometimes they are ok physically, but have shut down in other ways. In the last few years, most of the animals I've taken could no longer be kept by their owners due to financial problems or were abandoned with no where else to go.  However they arrive, I help them where they need it and try to bring them back to the best of themselves. 

How I Pay For the Horses & Animals

I fund the rescue through my own money, private/individual donations, grants, and I sell books, jerseys, and a couple other items from my days playing days. You can buy those things in the Store or Donate cash directly here on my website. Every penny goes to my horses and the facilities on my farm. Michelle Akers Horse Rescue & Outreach Inc is a registered 501c3 public charity. All donations are tax deductible. Please consider getting involved in helping to support the horses! Every penny counts and every person makes a difference. 

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The Farm


A lot of people ask what it's like living on a farm. 

My answer is usually, well, it's a lot of work, but bottom line is I love it. It's 24/7 full of challenges, hard labor, and a lot of fun. Animals always need to be fed, watered, taken care of, and cleaned up after. I can't wake up in the morning and decide to sleep in. Everyone is depending on me to bring breakfast, dinner, water, etc. Stuff is always breaking and needs to be fixed or replaced. It is either too hot, too cold, too much rain, not enough rain. Even when I am caught up with all the chores, there's plenty of improvements, etc to do, grass to mow, horses to brush, feet to shoe, etc. 


Why do I do it? Again, because it's a blast. 

Check out the photos and stories on the next pages to see what we've been up to lately. Never a dull moment.


Community Service


This program provides the opportunity for teams, groups, and businesses (for kids and adults) to volunteer and donate at The Farm on a one time or ongoing basis. The $100 donation fee to volunteer at The Farm and for the horse and animals living here, help fund supplies for the multitude of projects, repairs, and maintenance needed to be done.


Farm Outreach


The Farm Outreach Program educates the public about horses and animals, inspires and supports community service for farms, animal welfare organizations, and animal owners in need. Also, resources and a network of horse and animal friendly people and organizations are provided to help animal owners in need, horses in need, and our local community in general.

Soccer/Community Outreach

Connecting the soccer community to the animal welfare organizations to provide resources, money, volunteers, fosters, and more adoptions!