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Michelle Akers Autograph Card
99 WC
99 WC
Michelle Akers and Horses
Olympic Gold Medal 1996
Signing autographs for the USWNT
Michelle with Stormy and Thunder
96 Olympics Celebrate PK Goal
1991 World Cup in China vs Brasil
91 WC Qualifiers in Haiti vs Canada
99 WC Final vs China
Michelle Akers
Michelle Akers UMBRO
Michelle Akers 91 WC
Michelle Akers injury
Michelle Akers Horse Rescue
91 WC Trophy
91 WC
91 WC Qualifiers
Candy Cane and Cody
Michelle Akers and Handsome
Michelle and Cody
99 WC vs Nigeria
Interview with NBC
Speaking at The White House
Autographs and Auction
Appearance at US Soccer Coaches Conv
Circle 10 at The Farm
Skype Consulting
Michelle Akers at The Farm
Success and Failure
Michelle Akers
The Barn Project
The Store
Michelle Akers US #10 Replica Jersey
The Store
The Store
No act of kindness is ever wasted
Michelle Akers and Thunder
Steve Prefontaine
Michael Jordan Quote
Michelle Akers Horse Rescue
Michelle Akers Appearance World HOF
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