There are lots of options and ways to make a difference in the life of one of my horses or animals. 
Do what you can with what you have. That's how we won World Cups. That's how I became the best player in the world. And it's what I do for my horses and the ones I can't take in as well. There's always something you can do. Give what you have. Start where you can.



It truly does. Cash gifts are the quickest and most effective way to help our animals. Every cent goes toward taking care of them and allowing the best life possible. Below are a few options to consider.


Sponsor a horse, project, service, feed, hay, or supplies. For one month, one year, or their lifetime. One horse costs approximately $200-400 per month depending on their health, needs, age, etc. One horse eats 1 bale of coastal/bermuda hay per day in the winter. One trim (hooves) typically costs $35 and is needed every 4-5 weeks and sometimes more often if they have issues. It cost $90 and up to put shoes on 2 feet for one horse. We always need shavings for their stalls which cost $6-7 per bag and generally we go through 8 per stall per week. The tractor and Gator always need maintenance, repairs, or gas. Fences and the barn always need to be repaired. Pastures need re-seeding, mowing, weed-wacking. There are vet calls for injuries, illness, vaccinations, medications. And lots of other equipment and supplies re needed to keep everyone healthy and in good condition. Pick one or more! And Email Us!


Or donate through the Cash App, RocketGift, or PayPal and please write a not about the specific sponsorship for a horse or animal or service or product. Thank you.

Shop! And help our horses! Visit the THE STORE and donate through your purchases. 

Shop at AmazonSmile and donate by buying things you already buy. 

Fostering an animal in need saves the lives of many. When you take an animal into your home, it allows for another animal to be saved as well. Contact your local rescues and become a foster home for a dog, cat, or horse! Or adopt from your local shelter or rescue organization! Check out:


Animals for Adoption

Rescues and Animal Shelters

Best Friends Animal Society


Volunteer your time, services, skills, or resources to an animal welfare organization! There's many ways to help out through volunteering. Spend 2 hours in the facility cleaning up. Walking dogs. Painting. Fixing things. Transporting animals. Doing errands for them. Mowing. Networking. Fundraising. Doing a car wash. Selling chocolate. Doing a garage sale. Ask them what they need most and do it. 

A quick note on this. Please be a volunteer who shows up on time, takes initiative, follows the rules, and does quality work. Also, if possible, commit for a long period of time. Volunteers require training and training takes time and energy, so if you show up once and never come back, you've taken valuable time and energy from an animal who needs help and care. 

Contact your local animal welfare organizations or to see where you might be able to lend a hand!


Rescues and Animal Shelters

*We are not taking volunteers at The Farm at this time. Thank you!